How can i Deal with Being forced to Marry Anyone I Don’t Love?

How can i Deal with Being forced to Marry Anyone I Don’t Love?


I am 18 yrs . old, and you may my personal mothers was forcing me to wed back at my relative of another country. They are stating it is ideal for your family and you can me. I’ve tried reasoning together, but they are not paying attention. I understand somebody I’d desire get married, even so they cannot even need to know just who he could be.


Many thanks for the question. I empathize along with your discomfort and you may battle because you should not be forced with the marrying someone. You ought to make the ways to do what’s right, proceed with the sunna and also have courage. Allah might be to your benefit for many who lay the purpose proper.

Celebrating mothers

Very first, bring your parents the fresh new regard and you can attention it deserve unlike declining section-blank. Allah, Really High, said: “As well as your Lord possess decreed that you praise none however, Him and that you getting dutiful into parents. If a person otherwise both for old-age on your own life, say not to ever all of them a word-of disrespect, neither shout during the them, but address them regarding honor. Minimizing unto them the fresh new side out of entry and humility courtesy compassion, and you can state, My personal Lord! Bestow on it Your Compassion as they raised me personally while i was short. [Qur’an -24]


Manage istikhara regarding the relative and you can abide by it really. In case it is negative, tell them how you feel. To be completely fair, talk to him and think it over the real deal. And then make the decision and you may let them know that it just won’t work and you really weighed it. Getting polite, do not get annoyed, and keep maintaining respect, however, feel firm and daring. Cannot waver.

The guy You adore

Simply because you adore which most other man, it doesn’t mean that he is Mr. Right. Delight proceed with the Prophet’s information (Allah bless him and give him peace), step-back and look at your fairly, maybe not mentally.

The newest Prophet (Allah bless him and present your comfort) said, and therefore applies to each gender, “A woman try hitched to have four things: to own their unique wealth, to own their own ancestry, having their own beauty or their unique piety. Select the pious, otherwise the hands is secure for the dust!” [Bukhari & Muslim]


The best thing you could do are discuss publicly and establish on it that you feel highly about any of it suits. They might arrive at undertake him once they purchase a lot of time which have him. Arrange for these to see, often if required, to generally meet your well, in addition to their adult intuition is enough to see everything you get in your. Obviously, couple should apply istikhara whilst.

Move to Allah

Move to your Lord about at the same time that have understanding new religion precisely and you may putting it on throughout the best way it is possible to. Pray timely, realize Quran each and every day, memorize some, hope istikhara and come up with dua over the past third of night having clearness and pointers. Bring a course into the relationship with us to set up yourself.

Shield their center, and do not score psychologically attached to one man until you marry along with your parents’ true blessing. Be ready to disappear using this man if necessary. Yield to that which Allah encourages and then leave that which Allah renders difficult, and you will pick tranquility on the decision, within the sha Allah.

Ustadha Shazia Ahmad lived in Damascus, Syria for two decades where she studied aqida, fiqh, tajweed, tafsir, and you can Arabic. She following attended the fresh School out-of Colorado from the Austin, in which she accomplished their particular Professionals during the Arabic. A while later, she gone to live in Amman, Michael jordan where she analyzed fiqh, Arabic, or any other sciences. She later on gone back once again to Mississily.

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