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how to buy an axolotl

This means that should your axolotl run into injury somehow it should be able to heal itself. Because of this as well as a variety of other factors axolotls have a high mortality rate with about 97% fatalities. Axolotls will lay 200 to 600 eggs on the leaves of a plant. At this point, you will want to remove the parent axolotls from the tank as they will eat their young. After about two weeks these eggs will hatch into tadpole-looking creatures.

We are always willing to help with information on properly caring for your Axolotl. However, when you buy them from a private seller or someone who does this on their own, you’ve got to be very wary of what you buy. Some breeders will buy quality, vetted axolotls that have been taken care of properly. Others are only looking for profit and will not pay too much attention to the quality and the health of these animals. Jen has over 23 years of experience living and caring for all types of pets from axolotls, snakes, rabbits, turtles to dogs and cats.

  1. This means all food should come from a pet store when available.
  2. In 2021, the store also started expanding its business to e-commerce.
  3. The list view gives quick access to extra search filters.

Golden, copper, and albino Axolotls range from $90-$100. The most expensive morph is the $300 GFP Light Mel Mosaic Axolotl. The price of live Axolotls ranges from under $80, and up to $300. You can also purchase Axolotl eggs off their page, but these aren’t always in stock.

Other Reputable Breeders

This is a category that includes “imperfect” Axolotls. If you don’t mind having a goofy Axolotl, even the rarest morph can be yours for up to $115! If you send your order on Friday, the store will ship it on Monday. You’ll receive your order one day after shipping, not the next day after placing the order online. You will need to change the water in your axolotl’s tank every week.

You can purchase distilled water at most grocery stores or online. Thus, their physical location is not open to the public. They also don’t list a phone number or email on their website.

Featured Axolotls

Note that the store offers free shipping for orders over $99. The shipping prices shouldn’t change according to your region, because Fantaxies uses flat rate shipping pricing. Fantaxies is also a US-based business and doesn’t ship outside of the country. The cheapest specimen in store is the 3’’ wild-type Axolotl, which sells for just $40.

how to buy an axolotl

It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to browse the entire page. The store offers a refund for any dead-on-arrival pet shipped through FedEx. Northern Axolotls ships throughout the US, excluding states like California, Maine, New Jersey, or DC. If you live in a state that requires a permit, you’ll have to provide the document before the shipping is made. If you live in the area, you can also lift your order for free at the store’s physical location in Dallas, TX.

The price will depend on the morph, age, sex, and even subjective appreciation of the seller. For those living in the UK, Preloved is a good place to find a cheap Axolotl. You can filter your search by location, and you can introduce any keywords you want. Note that this website isn’t a specialized pet store. From what I’ve seen, the price for live Axolotls ranges from $35-$1,000.

Where to Buy an Axolotl: A Complete Guide for the First-time Buyer

Axolotls will reach their sexual maturity after about 12 months of age. This allows for a fast reproductive cycle so long as you have two axolotls of differing genders. The benefit to having two axolotls together is that you can breed them so long as they are of opposite genders.

Pictures + Video documenting the condition of the shipment are required within 1 hour of delivery to be qualified for a refund. We offer a live on arrival guarantee on orders shipped with Priority Shipping or Overnight Express Shipping. Axolotl Planet is a full-service aquatics company completely owned and operated by dedicated hobbyists, biologists, and axolotl breeders. All Axolotl Planet shipments are sent on Mondays using overnight shipping. You should expect your axolotl no later than two business days from the Monday after you place your order. You can also meet the amazing Axolotl Planet team, who would love to answer all of your questions and share more about the amazing world of axolotls.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Axolotl

You can also filter the search according to your price range. While you can’t filter by morph or color, there are still a few options to choose from if you want to spend a few minutes browsing. Right now, the store offers wild-type, GFP, golden albino, albino, copper, Axanthic copper, and mosaic Axolotls. Northern Axolotls ships orders through either FedEx or USPS. The shipping price will depend on the service you choose and your location.

To avoid shipping delays, the store sends its orders out Monday through Friday. Orders placed during the weekend will be sent out the following Monday. As you can see, these babies are quite cheap compared to other offers.

The life span of axolotls will decrease depending on certain factors. One factor is if it eats anything it is not supposed to as this can majorly inhibit its life span. Another factor is whether or not the axolotl goes through a metamorphosis to gain a terrestrial form. At 5 inches, the axolotls are generally mature enough to get over their cannibalistic ways. And second, you will want to have a little hideout for the axolotl to escape the sun.

You can only filter your search by popularity, average rating, and price range. Happy Axolotls offers nine basic morphs— wild, albino, leucistic, melanoid, Axanthic, GFP, copper, golden, and pink. Besides the basic morphs, you can find any combination of these traits too. Note that shipping live animals this way can be risky. This is more likely if your seller isn’t experienced or knowledgeable about the best shipping options and packaging techniques. Be very careful when agreeing to a certain shipping service.

Since axolotls don’t have eyelids the sun can hurt their eye so give them a chance to hide from that sun. Finally, there is some extra protective gear that you will want to have for your axolotl’s tank. The first is a necessity but still falls into the category of shelter, and that is a tank cover. One of the biggest mistakes that an axolotl owner can make is getting the wrong size of gravel. Axolotls are unique and cute creatures which, despite them being exotic, you can own as pets! But if you are interested in owning an axolotl of your own, you might be wondering where you should be looking.

When buying a filter there are two things you need to look out for. One, since the axolotl has a load of extremities you don’t want the filter somewhere that it will get caught and lose part of its body. If you can’t get large gravel it is suggested that you leave the bottom of the tank bare as that is safer than using small gravel for the axolotl. You want to put gravel at the bottom of your tank to give the axolotl the strength to grab onto the floor as it crawls forward. The cause for concern here is that axolotls aren’t always the smartest creatures, as a result, they may eat the gravel if it is small enough.

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